Superior Concrete Solutions Inc Concrete Overlays Redefining Everything You Ever Thought Possible About Decorative Concrete!!!!!

Superior Concrete Solutions Inc overlays are used commonly in decorative flooring. You can either cover you current concrete floor in exciting new colors or enhance a new concrete floor with texture or the color of your choosing. Superior Concrete Solutions Inc #decorativeconcretegenius knows that this sophisticated floor styling is highly sought after by homeowners,builders,interior designers and arquitects to give a unique and elegant look and feel to any room. We are often asked why we use concrete and the answer is that it is a SUPERIOR flooring material. Carpet stains and holds odor, tile chips, marble is inconvenient. Concrete is EXTREMLY durable and long-lasting and the customization options are endless.


Superior Concrete Solutions Inc overlays are meant to add decoration to an otherwise drab and boring floor. Usually people envision concrete as the rough material only used on walkways, driveways and common garage floors but with the help of our expert team at #decorativeconcretegenius, concrete overlays will work decorative magic for your home. Overlays themselves are not made from just concrete. They are more of an advanced sealing layer that can be stylized into a look you crave. They started in the ‘60s and are made with different types of resins that modify cement mixes to add extra protection and a durable, long-lasting style. Overlays are used either to provide a solid color to a concrete floor or can be stamped to provide a unique texture that really spruces up a boring floor. Polymer overlays are often a building standard for commercial buildings because they are so long-lasting and provide for easy maintenance.


When you are ready to add a personal and decorative touch to your boring concrete floors, please give us a call. We are happy to discuss how effective and desirable the technique of using concrete overlays is for protecting your floor while giving it unmatched style. Our team at #decorativeconcretegenius will be glad to work with you to make a decision on the best way to completely transform your space!!! Interior or Exterior we ABSOLUTLEY REDFINE EVERYTHING YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE W DECORATIVE CONCRETE!!!!!

Superior Concrete Solutions Inc. Metallic Epoxys

Metallic epoxy is a flooring option that is reminiscent of staining with a few key differences. The epoxy can add a unique marbling effect but takes the idea of decorative concrete to the NEXT LEVEL!!!!!. It is one of the HOTTEST trends for decorative concrete flooring and we are your PREMIUM PROVIDER of such services. Superior Concrete Solutions Inc #decorativeconcretegenius doesn’t just make your floors look nice; we make your floors a work of art that will naturally draw the attention of your guests and provide long-lasting protection as well. We work closely with you to come up with a look and design that will really make your style shine.


Metallic epoxy makes your floor have a gilded sheen to it that is unique to this floor type. Epoxy coating itself is very strong and durable and is often used on top of concrete flooring for extra protection and a clean shine. When applying the epoxy, installers can easily create texture by mottling the surface creatively. You can also get a rippled effect by drizzling more than one color of pigment over the surface and then sealing it for protection.


It is common to see metallic epoxy on indoor concrete flooring as well as commercial buildings but is not recommended for outdoor use because the sunlight can fade the colors. The metallic epoxy provides a great long-lasting look that you can be proud of. It is extremely durable because epoxy is one of the most commonly used materials to add protection to a concrete floor. With proper installation and maintenance, your new flooring will last for many years.

Superior Concrete Solutions Inc Polished Concrete

For a great looking sustainable flooring option, we offer polished concrete. Polished concrete is actually considered a sustainable flooring design because it utilizes material that is already there. Houses are typically built with a concrete foundation so transforming that foundation to a beautifully finished product will be a breeze when you are building your home. If you are interested in turning your current floor into polished concrete, it could take a little bit more work but that is what Superior Concrete Solutions Inc #decorativeconcretegenius is here to help you accomplish. We pride ourselves on being able to fit the homes of our clients with magnificent floors that make you rethink the way you envision concrete.


When building your new dream home, if you plan on turning your floor into an elegant polished concrete, let us know and we will advise on how to proceed because, in order to have a polished concrete, extra care must be taken when installing concrete slabs. To transform your current floor into polished concrete, we will have to add a layer onto your current concrete to thoroughly prepare for polishing. This layer can either be super smoothed finished regular concrete or a layer of natural aggregate to add an artistic touch to your floor.


No matter what state your current floor is in, we can help you achieve an Superior Finish that you will be proud of. Your polished concrete floor will not only provide a great focal point, it will give you many years of solid service. Concrete floors don’t chip like tile or hold stains like carpet.

Superior Concrete Solutions Inc Stamp Concrete

Stamped concrete is a cost-effective alternative to using materials like bricks, slate or stone. Stamped concrete is often used outside for patios, walkways, pool decks or other hard surfaces because it is easy to take care of, looks great and will stand up to the elements. Using stamped concrete as opposed to the other paving materials saves a lot of time and is must less expensive. It can also be longer lasting because there are no cracks that run through it to provide places for weeds to sprout or erosion during rain. The team at Superior Concrete Solutions Inc #decorativeconcrtegenius have years of experience helping customers design and install wonderfully appealing stamped concrete that is more durable than the expensive material it imitates.


We are dedicated to redefine everything you ever thought possible with decorative concrete. No more does it have to be the boring, solid gray slabs that we are so used to for drives and walkways. In fact, you may have seen stamped concrete and not even known it. We can add colored pigments to the concrete we stamp to provide a close match to the material imitated in the stamp. We can add accent colors for depth and variety. Accent colors are used to show depth in the stamped area like grout.


The stamp itself is made of polyurethane or, in older forms, various types of metal so it resembles a cookie cutter. Shortly after the concrete is poured and has had time enough to hold a shape, the stamp is applied with pressure. The cookie cutter analogy is very apt in this process except that it is only on the surface, not pushed all the way through. Stamps come in many shapes and sizes and, for an added artistic touch, can even be combined. Although the primary purpose of concrete stamps are to mimic other materials, newer modern stamps are used simply to apply different designs. We also carry a overlay product that we can stamp over your existing concrte and achive the same effect as our other traditional stamp process without the hazel of replacing your existing

Superior Concrete Solutions Inc Custom Stencils

For a completely custom design that will turn heads and stand the test of time, #decorativeconcretegenius helps customers create custom concrete stencils. Stencils allow you to paint unique and complicated designs onto your concrete floor with ease. Our artists work with you to create the perfect design that accents your motif for whatever room you desire. Stenciling is often applied to concrete flooring that has already been modified in some way, be it acid stained, colored or just polished. A clear coat is always applied so you don’t have to worry about your flooring standing up to years of constant foot travel.


Stencils are commonly made of either a thick plastic for reusable application or a thick and durable paper for a single use design which is the most common type we use. We help design and then print off the stencils for use on your concrete flooring. There are a few different methods that are available for applying color to the stencil. Most often, the stencil has an adhesive backing to hold it firmly in place and then paint is applied by hand or by roller, depending on complexity of the design and number of colors used.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom stencils for you concrete floor. You can choose from stock designs that we have on hand but the true shining feature of this service is that you can have any pattern or simple image you desire for your stencil. We well then expertly place and paint your design anywhere you would like it.

Superior Concrete Solutions Inc Luxury Garage Flooring

Are you a car enthusiast? Do you desire a truly unique space to showcase your most coveted automobile?Superior Concrete Solutions Inc #decorativeconcretegenius specializes in creating truly unique flooring; we also have the capability to design a full-on garage theme environment. If you desire the jaw dropping, heart stopping garage environment that will captivate all who enter your “Man Cave” "She Cave" "Barn" there is only one thing to do.....

Superior Concrete Solutions Inc Complete Interior and Exterior Remodeling

We at Superior Concrete Solutions Inc are proud to have over 100 years of combined experience curating the best products,designs and craftsman to bring you the ABSOLUTE BEST of EVERYTHING...Nothing is too mall or to big for us. Our portfolio it's rich in some of the most incredible interior remodles,pools,outdoor kitchen and anything you could possibly dream of. Our design team is on stand by to begin the process of completely transforming your space from concept to final product.

Superior Concrete Solutions Inc Industrial Coatings

Restore, maintain and protect concrete floors with high performance industrial flooring solutions by Elite Crete Systems trade named, HERMETIC™ Industrial Flooring Systems. Maintenance supervisors and facility managers no longer need or worry about the look, cleanliness and condition of floors.

Our industrial flooring solutions are specified globally by architects, engineers, maintenance supervisors and facility managers. We provide solutions to flooring needs by structurally restoring the integrity of the surface, protecting against abrasions and chemical attack with a clean appearance.

Designed for industrial, manufacturing and warehouse facilities, these flooring systems are time tested and proved for long term durability. Our flooring solutions also provide a low maintenance finish string enough to take constant vehicular and heavy duty forklift traffic. Available in many colors, textures and options. Refer to the HERMETIC™ Flooring Systems for more detail.

With over 25 years of experience in the structural repair, industrial and marine environments, manufacturing facilities and more, we design from the substrate to the finished surface for long term performance.

Ideal For:
– Industrial & commercial buildings
– Manufacturing facilities
– Warehouses
– Pharmaceutical
– Institutional
– Loading dock areas
– Airplane hangars
– Auto service bays
– Food processing & storage
– Commercial kitchens
– Laboratories
– Showrooms
– Veterinarian clinics
– Freezers & coolers
– Firehouses & police departments
– Correctional facilities
– Highways & bridge decks
– Marine environments
– Chemical plants
– Primary & secondary chemical containment and chemical containment/spill areas.

Benefits of HERMETIC™ Industrial Flooring Systems:
– Chemical & abrasion resistant
– Additional high chemical resistant options
– Non-slipanti-skid options for wet or oil saturated floors
– Completely seamless and monolithic
– Structural repair systems for cracks, spalls & joint restoration
– Optional cove base & wall coatings
– Patching, regrading & leveling solution included
– Affordable & cost effective
– Extreme durability for high traffic areas
– Very low maintenance compared to other flooring products
– Quick installation time means less down time
– VOC free options – Being “Green” is important to us
– Can be installed pre or post construction
– For new or existing floors.

Call us TODAY we have the Superior Concrete Solution for all of your industrial coatings needs.


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